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Want to travel but do not want to leave your pet at home? If you are planning on taking your pet with you while traveling, we can provide you with the appropriate paperwork, health certificates, and documentation to make your trip a success.

Traveling With Your Pet?

At Festival Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians are USDA certified to distribute all required documentation for pets that are traveling.

If you are flying or traveling internationally with your pet, please check with the airline and destination country, as requirements can vary. Many airlines and countries require documentation and screening to be conducted within 10 days of departure, so plan accordingly. We know that this process can be confusing, so we are happy to help with this research to avoid any snags throughout your journey.

At your appointment, we will verify a few things:

  1. Your animal is healthy and able to travel
  2. Your animal has no disease or illnesses
  3. Your animal is up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies and deworming

During the appointment, we will complete the necessary paperwork, sign it, and send it to the USDA for endorsement. The USDA will endorse it, and ship it directly to you, ready for you to go on your trip.

Air travel can be stressful on pets, so try and have them with you in the cabin if they meet the weight and size requirements. Not only is this typically cheaper, but cargo hold can be even more stressful for your furry companion. Make sure your pet always has access to food and water and be sure to visit the pet relief station located at many airports before and after your flight. We generally do not recommend sedatives for air travel but talk to one of our veterinarians about any concerns you may have.

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