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Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic Laser is now available at our Fallston Veterinary Clinic location!

The Class IV laser is a therapeutic laser, designed to reduce pain, inflammation and speed healing in our veterinary patients.

It is used for a variety of acute conditions to include wounds, skin allergies, infections, inflammatory conditions, tooth extraction pain relief, sprains/strains and post-surgical healing and pain relief.

The therapeutic laser also has applications in managing chronic conditions, which include degenerative joint disease/arthritis, periodontal disease, feline acne, tendonitis and otitis. The Class IV Laser delivers a warm soothing beam of light to the affected area, creating a cellular response called “photo-bio-modulation”. Treatment protocols are designed to meet individual patient’s needs and conditions, with most sessions lasting a few minutes.

The Festival Veterinary Clinic Doctors and Technicians are happy to discuss this state of the art, non-invasive, drug-free treatment with you.