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Radiology Services

Radiographs can be an essential part in the diagnosis of illness or injury. At Festival Vet Clinic we offer digital radiography to provide quick and detailed imaging. Digital radiography also allows us to adjust contrast and magnify areas for optimum viewing providing accuracy of interpretation.

Most pets will allow positioning without objection, however, because motion can blur the radiographic image, we may vet clinic aberdeensometimes need to use a sedative or general anesthetic to restrain your pet for the procedure.

x-ray-small-smallRadiographs allow us to see “inside” the pet. Any change in the size and shape of the normal organs and bones as well as any alterations in their normal position can be an indicator for disease or trauma. At Festival Vet Clinic, we may also utilize special contrast studies that can illuminate irregularities with the use of radio-opaque dyes. Our veterinarians will take the time to show and explain the images of your pet to you and your family.