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Festival Vet has a fully stocked in-house pharmacy to provide your pet with the medications they need. We carry our preferred flea and tick products and heartworm/intestinal worm preventatives at competitive pricing for your convenience. For some prescribed medications, we can provide you with a pet pharmacy that can compound the drug in a highly palatable or transdermal formula for ease of use.

Festival Vet Clinic’s friendly reception staff makes it easy to call ahead, or you can request a refill online so your prescription is ready when you arrive. For prescriptions requiring a veterinarian’s approval, please allow more time to get your prescription ready. The veterinarian will contact you if he or she has questions before preparing the prescription. Please remember to give all of your contact numbers when you call, or if you are ordering online, remember to complete all sections of our online request form.

We strongly caution against internet pharmacy usage because of the potential for counterfeit drugs. Besides, many products filled in our pharmacy come with a guarantee provided by the manufacturers that is not offered on medications purchased through an internet pharmacy.