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Pet Wellness

Good health is achieved through a combination physical and mental well being. This means that owners need to provide their pets with the disease prevention and detection, the nutrition, the exercise and the mental stimulation necessary for overall health.

At Festival Vet, we guide and help families provide these necessities for their pets. Our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive exam enabling them to recognize your pet’s specific needs in order to maintain pet wellness.

Each pet will receive a customized pet vaccination schedule designed for his or her specific lifestyle. Ideal dietary needs for a healthy weight will be discussed during pet dietary counseling. Individualized pet preventative health care will dictate which fecal and or blood rests are recommended. Exercise recommendations and behavioral modifications may be discussed to help maintain a fit and youthful pet during pet behavioral counseling. We also offer the latest in microchip technology for your pets permanent identification. Similar to receiving a vaccine, this procedure is quick and effective. At Festival Vet, our goal is to provide each pet with its own unique wellness plan to ensure him or her a long and healthy life.