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Quick ELISA technology allows us to screen for tick and mosquito transmitted disease in dogs and feline viral disease exposure in cats during the time of a physical exam. We provide on site cytology exams that aid in the diagnosis of ear and skin disease. Both in-house and out-sourced fecal examinations allow us to diagnose and treat our patients promptly. Festival Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a complete in-house veterinary laboratory that enables us to quickly and accurately analyze blood chemistries, complete blood counts and electrolytes. This allows prompt assessment of your pet’s health status so that diagnosis and treatment can begin as soon as possible.

For those laboratory needs not fulfilled by our in-house laboratory, we submit samples to diagnostic labs across the country. These reference laboratories provide us with the reliable results we need to treat your pet with assurance. These same laboratories offer board certified specialists for consultation when needed in the interpretation of a difficult or unusual case.

The results of all testing will be communicated to you so we can work together to establish an individualized treatment plan for your pet.